I cannot believe some many great stuff are free!

After reading recent posts on this forum on RSS, it re-ignited my interest on getting good source for reading from the Internet. I do not mind paying for good stuff but at the same time a lot of good stuff are actually free. I have trouble getting good feeds from RSS apart from the usual tech news, current affairs type of feeds.

I recently stumpled on refind.com, but have not paid to join any premium program. I get an email everyday, and most days the email contains good reading materials. At least it helps to get me more diversified readings, and to steer me away from news about Apple all the time :rofl:

Just wondering what other good feeds or sources that people have come across and can be shared here.


My most read daily email is from Morning Brew. I categorize it as the one email that can summarize the things I might want to know about every day. They do have several other email lists that are also good.

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Started getting Morning Brew a couple months back, Iā€™m really enjoying it so far!

thanks both, I just added my email to Morning Brew, see how it goes

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