I can't move focus to the other pane in iPadOS split screen

In using the ipad in split screen, i often like to move back and forth between the two sides. With iPadOS 15 I can’t seem to move the focus from one side to the other.

For example, in the picture below I wanted to type something in Word and so I tapped it with my finger. Also tried double tapping. And triple tapping. There appears to be a cursor in Word, but the highlighted three dots pill at the top sticks on the right side of the screen with Drafts. This happens with multiple other apps, too. What am I doing wrong? It worked beautifully in iPadOS 14.

I was able to make this happen as well. It went away when, instead of tapping, I clicked on the unfocused window with the trackpad. After that, both taps and clicks switched focus even when I brought Drafts back to full screen and then brought Pages back into Split View. It definitely seems buggy because when I was tapping on the unfocused side, some interactions were working, e.g., I selected an image in Pages without focus switching from Drafts to Pages.

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Thanks @cornchip. I’ll put in a feedback to Apple. Maybe it’s something they can fix in an upcoming update.

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