I caved …and bought a Stream Deck

I finally gave in! I’ve already scoured the internet and this forum for stream deck suggestions as I now wait for it to arrive, but if you have any favorite suggestions, let me know.

I’m a big KM fan but am so fast with my keyboard I’m a little worried I just wasted $150. David’s conflict pallet trick has solved all my keyboard shortcut troubles, but I think there’s still a place for this. I do actual streaming a couple of times a month and I think that’s when I’d use it, when I don’t want to pull up Raycast, etc. during streams.

I’m stuck between thinking I wasted $150 and wishing I’d gotten the XL :slight_smile:

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My XL arrived earlier this week, and I already love it, even while the majority of my buttons still need some attention…

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What are you using it for? Any easy wins as you’ve started using it?

I had similar thoughts. The stream deck takes automation to another step, because there are no shortcuts to remember. I do not have to worry about what keyboard shortcut to assign an automation because I don’t need do assign a keyboard shortcut. It does not seem like much, especially for $150, but it is freeing.


This is helpful therapy! Thank you! :laughing: I feel much more justified in my purchase already! :slight_smile:

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As for the XL, use palettes of actions. You have a near infinite set of buttons to push.

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I got the smaller one but in reading about pallets I’m thinking that will be sufficient for now at least?

You mean Stream Deck, not Steam Deck, right?

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Yes :man_facepalming: Typed it out on my phone and it must have autocorrected? Or I just mistyped. 50/50 chance :slight_smile: ha

I got one of the Stream Deck XLs when Adorama had their daily deal last week. I’ve only set up a handful of the buttons so far, but I’m excited for what this thing can do. I feel like this is the driver I’ve been waiting for to push me deeper into the automation/shortcuts life.

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That’s great! Wish I’d known about that deal now! :slight_smile:

And mine is supposed to be here tomorrow!