I created Meet Cam - macOS app that aims to improve online meetings. Beta users wanted!

:))) That IMHO qualifies as a full blown hack I guess :exploding_head:

That made me tired just reading it :smiley:

I think I’ll just wait for actual support to be added, but it’s always good to know the “if there’s a will, there’s a way” method!

I do that constantly. :smiley:

You mentioned Webex - but in a browser. Can anyone tell me if it works with the Webex app?

Nope. Some apps (including Webex) block virtual cameras, thus using Chrome version of the app is the only way at the moment (not only for Meet Cam but for every other virtual camera app)

I released today the new version (0.8.3) of Meet Cam, among other things, what is worth noticing is:

  • fix on the video stretching problem in Chrome etc (mentioned above)
  • mirroring of sent video - so your camera image - but not widgets - is mirrored on your, as well as on your audience screens.

More detailed changelog is on twitter https://twitter.com/MeetCamApp/status/1354513309999968256

Which browsers support Meet Cam?

Google Chrome (and other, Chromium based mutations)

Meet Cam doesn’t work in Mozilla Firefox or Safari?

@anon54919170 sorry for such late response, Firefox works perfectly well (just tested on Big Sur), Safari not (and probably won’t since Apple blocks virtual camera plugins).

No support for Safari or FaceTime seems like a huge blow to a forum quite literally called Mac Power Users, but I’m very glad to see that Meet Cam still supports a wide variety of browsers and video conferencing applications. :slight_smile: