I don’t know how this happened

All of a sudden I have frames around the search bar in Safari and various message bars. I’ve been through EVERYTHING in accessibility and cannot find out how to get rid of it.

I first posted on the Apple Orchard in Facebook and my friend Brian Wis tried to help me.

This is caused by the setting in System Preferences > General > Accent Color*

Play around with different accent colors and you’ll see the behavior you mentioned in Safari 15 and elsewhere.

It looks like the keyboard setting for navigating between all fields has been enabled. Look in System Preferences > Keyboard.

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I did not specify. This is on the iPad.

Have you tried a good ol’ reboot yet?

It does seem like something related to Full Keyboard Access. Try triple-clicking the power button?

Yes, sir. Several times.

I gave full keyboard access to my “Magic” Keyboard (2020 iPad Air) in order to get rid of another problem: when I click on comments in FB, the app freezes. That created the frames and weird Safari issue. I got rid of full keyboard access and the FB problem is back. Before you suggest that I stop looking at FB:) I administer a professional group there and that is not an option.

With help from the Apple community, I solved most of the issue–Full Keyboard Access, gave me Facebook comments back. Accessibility–Keyboard–Commands (clearing most) got rid of the weird frames. Now, however, I can’t access my onscreen keyboard while the Magic Keyboard is connected. Before you ask, I use that to access my Text Expander keyboard and snippets. Yes, I can disconnect the Magic Keyboard, but it’s easier to use the onscreen keyboard while the iPad is propped on said MK. Which of the commands to I need to re-engage to get this back?