I don't like the new Siri music "default" behavior

I find the new Siri “selection” feature for music services to be frustrating. I use Dark Noise at night to sleep or when I’m writing to aid in my concentration. After using Dark Noise, when I get in the car and tell Siri to play “x”, I’m told that she can’t play that in Dark Noise so I have to start prefacing my command with "In Apple Music play “x”. This is a new feature that is a step backward. Just give me a toggle to select my default music player which is always used unless I explicitly ask for something to be played in other service and then reverts back to the default.

For me, that qualifies as a “rant.” :slight_smile:


I have a recent post here saying that Siri seems to be worse after 14.5, although I haven’t noticed what you are talking about. I will be on the look out.

As I said in my post though, the thing that is driving me nuts is the skip command. I used to be able to say “Siri, skip two minutes” to jump ahead in a podcast. Since the update that makes it skip to the 2 minute mark of the podcast. After years of saying skip, this is a hard habit to break for me. Multiple times a day for the last week I have said skip and lost my place in the podcast I am listening to.

Maybe the change is a good thing, but it’s frustrating so far.

I use the same feature on my daily run. However, I say, “Siri, move forward two minutes.“ That still seems to be working fine for me.

Even with the addition command if you can eventually get Siri to play the right song I’d consider that a win.

IMO, asking Siri to play a song is like pressing the buttons on a jukebox while blindfolded.
(Jukebox = ancient coin operated iPod for boomers)


Same. It’s irritating enough that I’m contemplating deleting dark noise