I feel naked today at work without my Apple Watch


Today I was in a mad rush and forgot my Apple Watch in the charger. I’m a teacher and use it a ton for text notifications and timers. Today I’m juggling grabbing my phone for that (I leave it charging usually). Ended up 45 minutes early to a meeting too. Anybody else feel this way?


Lol, I can relate!
I refer to my watch as my expensive tea timer! Like you, I left for work without it - and didn’t know how to function! Directions, Text alerts, Timers, Move, Breathe, Pausing Spotify or Overcast. How did we do this before the watch?

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Mine has died (battery problems), but it’s a 2 week break from school here and I’m getting used to the naked feel (using Hey Siri on my iPad now). I wonder how I’ll feel when back at work though.

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After commenting, I left my watch behind today. Worst tea I ever drank today! :nauseated_face::dizzy_face:


When this happens to me, I just spend my day worrying that a toddler will run off with it. :wink:

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My old-fashioned dive watch band broke last week, and a replacement band arrived in the mail only yesterday. In the intervening period I learned just how incredibly often I check the time on my wrist!

(And ultimately, that’s why I don’t own an Apple Watch; until it offers an always-on time mode so I can discreetly glance down at my wrist without needing to raise-to-wake, I’ll keep using my trusty, battered analog.)

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If I was really living large I would have one Apple Watch at work and one for the commute home and while not at work