I found an ADHD focused task manager called LunaTask

Hi there!

Surfing around the web I found this task manager on reddit that is called LunaTask. It claims on its homepage to have been developed with ADHD brains in mind.

In their homepage they show the following features:

  • Task prioritization with tools like Eisenhower Matrix, Pomodoro, WIP limit and Must/Should/Want.
  • Calendar and Time Blocking
  • Habit Tracker
  • Zoom and Google Calendar Integration
  • Journal
  • Mood, Energy and Stress Tracker
  • Encrypted notes
  • Email integration
  • Browser integration
  • Zapier

They offer a lifetime purchase for $180 and a monthly sub of $6 or $5 depending if you go with the anual option.

I’m going to be testing it out this month and see how it goes.


It looks nice , hopefully it works.

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Yes it does look nice and has a lot of features with privacy always on mind.

$180 :roll_eyes: talk about inflation


Where do you get that “180$” from?

Disregard, I found it…!! :grinning:

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Of course, my main task management problem is that I forget to actually use a task manager.

I find this highly offensive and accurate!

Oh, and “Weather Widget” isn’t a feature for anything except a weather app. Stop trying to stick the weather into every app I have!!!


Looks a lot like a streamlined Amazing Marvin. Intersting!

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An interesting approach. The app will force you to complete what you have to do before getting more in your plate.

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Yes, there are some users in the slack community that came from amazing Marvin.

I always wonder if lifetime purchase means mine or theirs?

At my age it’s becoming a much less of a good deal but still hope to outlive some startups


I think it’s theirs. Interesting thought process though.