I guess I am rather brutal (...)

… on my MBP screens. I had a 2013 MBP 16in that ended up with strongly visible horizontally running scratches across the screen along the locations for the key rows. I am starting to the see the same (albeit weakly visible) scratches on my 2019 MBP 16in screen.

I carry my MBP between office and home. I now use a microfiber cloth when I close up the screen between home and office. I have the MBP in a padded travel bag on these trips.

I also carry the MBP between my office and lectures. Following on how the MBP was packed on delivery, I put a tissue paper in place for this (because I lost a microfiber cloth once in this case). I carry the MBP in an unpadded bag on these trips.

I had considered purchasing a screen protector. I turned down this option when I considered the loss in clarity that comes with such a choice.

I imagine that I should simply switch to the microfiber cloth and padded bag for all transport modes.

Just my observations for others who may want to know how to be gentler (with their MBPs).


Maybe there’s too much vibration in the saddlebags of your Harley.


Have used portable Mac’s since the '90’s. Except for a 13" MBP around 2010, I haven’t had any marks from the keyboard.

I’m currently using a MBP15" 2017, and I just discovered a little dent on the bottom! :weary:


I left all the dents (and there were many) and stripped screws when I passed the older MBP over to a relative. However I wished to have been able to replace the screen myself (as was possible in the older generation MBPs) even when I knew the machine was on its way out to be donated.