I have committed iPad Pro 13"

My brain has been tempting me with the new iPad Pro, about how nice it will be to have that big screen when I’m sitting and reading or doing social media. Or whatever. I’ve been replying to my brain that hey I just got laid off two months ago and I need to focus on building an income stream or finding another job.

My brain said to me this morning, well, if you had a new iPad Pro it would be a backup computer if the MacBook Pro goes belly-up and needs to spend time in the shop. You’ll be able to continue working. And until then you’ll be able to enjoy the iPad Pro – it won’t just sit on a shelf collecting dust.

I said to myself, ha ha foolish brain you are tempting me again with your ridiculous-- wait, that actually makes sense.

So I talked it over with my wife. The iPad Pro arrives in 2-2.5 weeks.


I fully support this initiative :joy: The time has come for me to upgrade my three-year-old 12.9 iPad Pro. But I think I will wait until May because having it here without that new keyboard attached to it will be torture.

Enjoy! And please let us know your thoughts when it arrives.


Oooh how exciting. What line of work are you in (for the job search that is)? Are you planning on the new keyboard with trackpad? I love my 2018 11” iPad Pro, and am looking forward to adding that keyboard.

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Interesting that a Reddit user got delivery of their new iPad Pro, and speed tests performed showed very little change from the 2018 models.

Single-Core: 1114 (1111 for 2018 iPad Pro)
Multi-Core: 4654 (4604 for 2018 iPad Pro)
9894 Metal Score (9146 for 2018 iPad Pro)

For the past few days I’ve had the 256Gb 11" model in my Apple ‘bag’ but I think I might save myself $220 (or apply it towards the $300 keyboard-case) instead by buying a refurb 2018 model from Apple instead.

I’m a tech journalist. Or was until last month. I foresee a future in marketing. Either way: Writing, researching and note-taking.

I do plan to get the keyboard when it is available. I now have two keyboards I like; I don’t know if either is suitable for the larger screen.

And I may exchange it for the 11 inch if 13” proves too much.

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12.9” users: How do you hold the iPad on the couch? Propped up on your lap, like a laptop?

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Usually that or I have the keyboard out, prop up one leg a bit and prop the bottom between my thigh and my stomach (I protrude a bit.)

I think we were expecting that. A12Z appears to be the same SoC but with one more core enabled, and some software optimizations. I think I’d buy the new one if I didn’t have the 2018 but the 2018 and 2020 should get all the same future iPadOS updates.

Aloha Mitch:

I use a lap desk that has a soft/pillow-like bottom and a hard top. It works well.

I’m still on the first gen. 12.9" iPad Pro and go through the upgrade or nah scenario with each iteration as my iPad still does everything I need it to do and very well. I am, however, going to upgrade to the new one when it finally drops.

That said, you know. It’s an Apple product. You’ll be good to go with your new iPad when it arrives. :slight_smile:

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Ok I just did it :sweat: Ordered the 2020 12.9" iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2 and the Magic Keyboard. Embarrassed to say how much I spent, especially with the exchange rate to the Australian dollar! But I am replacing the whatever-generation-it-was Pro with the home button and Pencil 1, and have used that for many hours at work and home every day for a number of years (and loved it). So I am convinced it is a good investment for me.

Shipping times for each vary between one and three weeks. Currently, the pencil will be arriving a couple of days before the iPad that I will be writing on with it :laughing:

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