I have email in Microsoft Outlook and Spark (same email account) from a job I'd previous worked at, can I download them or transfer them to my personal email for archives?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the forum. Recently I was let go from my job. Thankfully I was able to get my OneDrive data thanks to a Hazel rule I made to make a copy to my computer. That said I still have email from my former work email account. I have that same email account in both Spark and Microsoft Outlook. Both apps keep bugging me to reconnect the accounts but I obviously don’t have access anymore. Any way to archive or download the emails I have from that employer in order to save them or have any documents that I need later on from them? I’d imagine knowing you all someone’s been in a similar situation or has a tech way to do so.

I agree with @Wolfie. You’re probably in breach of your contract and may actually be guilty of theft of company information/Intellectual property/property.

I advise you to delete those accounts and the information in them.