I have installed iPadOS

As the title states I have installed iPadOS. I have cruised around the software a little bit. I enjoy the files app so far. I have looked at the new version of Notes and Reminders apps as well. Either I have missed the option or I am going to be displeased with the final iteration of those two aforementioned apps because I was looking forward to being able to use sub folders for Notes.app and sub lists on the Reminders app. Does anyone want those features as well?

In notes, you can drag a top level folder into another folder. When you do this you’ll see a new disclosure triangle pop up. Click that and you’ll see the nested folder and it’s contents.


Yep, gone for it as well. As usual, ignored all the warning and put it straight on, as well as on my iPhone. Will also upgrade to Catalina on my Macs when I get home tonight.

What can I say, I just like to live on the ragged edge. :slight_smile:

I actually really like the new Reminders, much better than before, although like you I would like sub-tasks, which I think may be coming?

Overall, and touching a large piece of wood, every app I have tried seems to work fine. The only exception being Evernote, which crashes when I try and launch it. Not a huge issue for me as I have been gradually moving across to Notes for the last few weeks. But, if Evernote is crucial for you, it might be wise to hold off for a while.

Like the better use of screen space on the iPad, especially in landscape mode, with the Widgets on the left-side of the home screen, and more apps available on every screen. Always looked a bit odd with all the space around the app icons, it is now much better.

Dark mode is nice and the only app which very slight clashes is Ulysses. With Ulysses set to use Dark Mode under View Options, the note titles and Library title are black against the dark background colour, although all the other text is white and quite legible.

Good stuff!


Just an additional note. Evernote started okay on my iPhone (iOS 13), but then crashed when I accessed a note. Tried several times, same thing.

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Installed on my iPhone and iPad. Both seem to be working ok, no major issues yet.
So, let’s hope it continues this way.

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Was contemplating installing the public betas but you have just reminded me why I shouldn’t. Thank you!

Glad I’m reading this now, and I’m sorry you had to be the one to suffer the consequences! I use Evernote for 50% of my work backup functions, so losing it at this point on my iOS devices is NOT an option.

Thanks for the reply. Was really looking forward to a few extra enhancements like sub lists in reminders. Like you I enjoy the use of space and landscape mode with the sticky widgets on the iPad.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that out.

There are subtasks in Reminders.

Is there a way to have sub lists as well?

Update: Once I updated my iPhone to iOS 13 (I know dangerous water here) my Reminders app “upgraded” and I am able to have groups with multiple lists under one heading! This is exciting! Just drag one list over another or you use the Add group button!

The perils of iPadOS:

Summer is my down time, so I figured I’d use the time to put some workflows in place before I get busy again in the fall. Spent a day trying to figure out the best way to get new photos from on-site into Lightroom on my iMac. Got the Shortcut working perfectly using existing photos on the iPad (by dropping them into a Dropbox folder, then using Hazel and Keyboard Maestro to do their thing).

So yesterday I had a summer event where I could get some new photos. Decided to test out the new workflow for the first time, and … and …

iPadOS is not recognizing my SD card when I attach it to the iPad via Apple’s adapter. :crazy_face: Oh well — I’m sure it’ll be fixed and I’ve submitted feedback to Apple. It’s not a huge deal but I should have known the seemingly simple step would be the one where I get hung up!

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