I Just Want Siri to be Smarter: “Apple is developing its own generative AI chatbot”

It would be great if Apple developed a reliable and relatively private AI chatbot, but I would be happy to have a more intelligent, reliable Siri.

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Yes, 1000% - I don’t think ChatGPT is anywhere close to replacing coders or TV show writers - but man I wish I could have an intelligent conversation with Siri where she better understands my calendar, messages, task list, etc. Things like that, and giving her complex Home requests seem like table stakes for the next few years.

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I hope they can release something soon-ish. Just using this technology to map natural language requests to the existing knowledge base, your data, and app commands would go a ways.


“Apple is apparently responding to criticism that it doesn’t offer real competition for OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard,”

Matching ChatGPT and Bard would require a ton of computing power. Apple has 9 datacenters including the one in China but all they say about them is they “support services”.

I can’t think of any way in which they would be able to get to the same level as GPT / Microsoft or Google with this. OpenAI is way ahead of everyone with development, Microsoft has backed the right horse. Fortunately, Apple refuses to market and use telemetry and user data. Microsoft has lost all inhibitions in this area, see the implemented keylogger in Windows 11. And Google’s business model is user data. How is Apple supposed to keep up without massively accessing user data itself? I just don’t see Apple in this race. They have already lost it. If you look at Siri, it’s not on the same level as Alexa or Google. That simply has to do with user data.

Maybe they won’t try to keep up. Apple is hiring AI talent and is saying generative AI will ‘transform’ iPhone. That sounds like they are planning on staying “on device”. If so then they might be setting their sights much lower than Microsoft or Google. And if they need a massive amount of user data all they need to do is rewrite their 4000 word Privacy Policy.

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Google has been concentrating on AI for at least seven years. They are the “T” in Chat GPT. Currently they have four sizes of their Palm 2 “next generation language model” and the smallest is designed to run on mobile devices. So it appears they expect to run some things locally and reach out to the cloud for the big stuff.

Neither can I.

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It’s kind of like a truism though.

If there is a new thing in tech, Apple is developing one.
They spend an unholy amount of money on R&D and they can most of those projects, only a small fraction will ever make it to market.

Apple is developing LLMs. That doesn’t mean they’ll ever deploy one. They’re also developing self driving tech but may never sell a car. They’ve made foldable smartphones but you can’t buy one.