I keep snoozing the same emails in Spark yet I’m hesitant to capture them in Omnifocus, help!

So I have several emails and spark that I keep snoozing . For example:

  1. Tickets for a show
  2. A free 2 hour party at a local bar I can redeem
  3. My MacStock Conference Order Confirmation
  4. @Kourosh’s Omnifocus Video Course I haven’t gotten to.
  5. A Northface Gift Card

Can anyone offer me advice how to handle this type of stuff? I’m hesitant as I don’t want to miss it and it doesn’t quite have assigned dates to it either so I’m afraid I’d miss it in Omnifocus. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I have an “Events + Travel” notebook in Apple Notes where I store PDFs of things like tickets and order confirmations of events.

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Great idea, I’m sure I could throw that into DevonThink too

What about the gift card, video course, and bar thing? Would that go maybe somewhere and then I’d have a tickler of sorts?

I have a “not right now” project that is on hold just for this type of stuff

Once a week I check it during the weekly review

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Great idea, good spot for these one off things.

My solutions would be…

  1. Have a tickets folder where I add a PDF of the ticket. I would link to that PDF via an OmniFocus task that would show up in a Quick tag maybe a day in advance: “Print tickets” @Quick. I’d then put the tickets in my jacket pocket.
  2. Create a link to the email, place the link in a task that might be “Plan 2 hour party”. I could then maybe put that in a @Consider list.
  3. Same as the PDF ticket (see number 1).
  4. That person is silly. (I’d use the @Consider list again. So long as it doesn’t number more than 7-10 or so, I find a @Consider list quite helpful. Beyond that, I have to move things into @Someday/Maybe which numbers much higher and can be something of a black hole.)
  5. I’d link to it from a task in @Errands, so long as there’s something I want to purchase soon. If not, I’d create a folder for coupons and gift cards. I’m not great with this one as I’ve certainly made purchases and have forgotten that I had a coupon waiting for me.
  • Kourosh

For tickets I put them in Evernote with a reminder set for a few hours before the event. That way you don’t forget the event or forget where your ticket is because it surfaces at just the right moment. No printing for me unless I’m specifically required to.

Generally I have never been bitten by putting more things into OmniFocus. I have been bitten by not however.

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