I need help w/ Braintoss and Apple Note/Reminder

Hi everybody,
I learned about the App Braintoss

a couple of weeks ago, and have a setup to use it with OF3. This runs pretty good, the speech recognition is very high, and it saves the audio file together, so if the recognition fails, I can listen to myself… :thinking:

Now I wanted to set it up also for my wife, unfortunately she is using Apple Notes and Apple Reminder.
Does anybody knows a way to add content to Notes and/or Reminder, by sending a Mail to it?

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This may not be what you are asking but you can right click on an email subject line, or select text, right click and save to Notes or Reminders.

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Thank you @Bmosbacker. I’m aware of that, but I look for a way to get the Braintoss into the other Apps without further interactions, like it works on OF3 and other Apps.

I, in the meantime, found a Apple Script here

which I tried to adjust for my needs.
And while it is working as a Service (so my adjustments seems to be correct so far), I can’t get it running within a Mail Rule that starts working on receiving a Mail to the Braintoss-Adress I set up, for some reason?!

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just a matter of interest, how is this Braintoss app compares to using Draft Notes on Apple watch or iPhone? I guess there may be an extra step to use Draft action to send to Reminder?

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That is an interesting link. Thanks.

I used Draft before, and the voice recognition was pretty good with that, but I always needed an extra step, to get the desired tasks into OF3.
With Braintoss, it is using my OF3-Mail Adress, to load everything captured direct to the Inbox.
The Voice recognition seem to be, in my case, very accurate (while I never reached a point to seriously use Siri, because we do not speak the same “language” obviously), the second big advantage for me against Drafts is, that the recording is included in the Task. So even in the case the voice recognition failed, I can hear what I said and reconstruct it later.

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Mail is a bit flaky with AppleScripts. I find triggering a standard AppleScript works better than referencing the rule.

See this routine I created, it may give you some ideas - Mail message to Reminders Item and Trello Card

Hope it helps


Huh, I wonder if this could be used with Drafts. Seem like this is easier for capture.

I’m adding this app to my repertoire.

I’ve wanted to do this with Drafts but the extra step in processing always got in the way.
Just bought this- for $3.00 I’ll give it a shot!
Thanks for pointing this out

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I have also installed Braintoss my iPhone and Apple Watch. Works pretty well on both.

However, I cannot add this to the modular watch face as one of the compilations (I thought I can add Draft). Does anyone know how to do that?