I(Pad)OS - Search the share sheet

Am I the only one who is waiting for some sort of search field in the share sheet to lookup available actions / apps?
When you only have a handful it’s manageable but as soon as the number increase, you need to scroll and manually find the app you want to share your content to, it’s feels quite backward.
Would there be a way to enable this functionality by leveraging shortcuts? As in share to shortcuts, then use search field there to find the app?
Do you have any workaround?

mmmm… you could use Shortcuts if the app you’re sharing to has a Shortcuts action. Other than that, I dunno. It’s not really a thing I need, as I usually share to the same 3-4 apps. I use the edit menu to order the share actions the way I want and that’s sufficient for me.

Would be a cool feature though.

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