I Removed the Widgets on the iPad

The other day, I had an interesting realization about my iPad Home Screen. Despite having various app widgets such as Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Shortcuts, and Weather, I seldom used them. Instead, they merely served as launch icons since I always went directly to the app I needed. Although this is peculiar to me, considering my work habits, I decided to remove the widgets from my iPad. I still use them on my iPhone, but I found that my iPad Home Screen is now more delightful without the clutter of widgets. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good news. Thanks for the update.


Agreed! I have done the same plus some seem to be a drain on the battery

In other news… I just realised you can now have widgets on iPad home screens.

Was that iPadOS 16? I had it stuck in my head that they had yet to arrive.

Not that strange, I noticed it when I got my new iPad Pro a couple of weeks ago, it all looks gorgeous but does not really reflect the way I work with my iPad. Perhaps it’s been many years using it as a big iPhone… and also the widgets act just like an app launcher.

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It was actually iPadOS 15!

My iPP home page is basically a status board. Time, Weather, Radar, Email, Calendar, Tasks, and Battery, 2 folders, and two apps.

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The number of times I see people posting “Hey, did you know you could do this?” and I think to myself “Well yeah, it was in a keynote, how did you not know this?” :rofl: