I resigned but now my situation changed

Hi all

Been listening to Free Agents for some time now. It has always been a motivation for me to be a free agent. Since the start of the year, together with my wife we have been saving up so that at the end of his year, we can leave our corporate jobs and travel. Initially the plan was to travel for 1-2 months while looking for the next gig that we can pursue our interest in.

So last months both of us hand in our resignation letter. Her notice period is 1 month. While it is 2 months for me. However recently, our situation changed financially and stability is something we need. I have yet retracted my letter from the HR. Because I feel miserable in the office but the thoughts of having stability is also pushing me to retract the letter.

Sharing this and wondering if anyone faced such a situation before.
My last day is Next Tues 18 Dec 2018.

I’ve not been in your situation so I can’t offer any advice from that standpoint, but have you started looking for a new position elsewhere? Assuming it would take you less than 10 weeks to find (and start in) a new position that might be a better approach, admittedly with a drop in income during your “time off” between the two positions.

Thanks for the input
Have yet started looking for work yet
Right now seems like my option are
1/ retract the letter
2/ start looking for work (with a possible period of drop income during “job searching period”) - as you suggested

Is it feasible to do both? Continue working for your current employer but also focus on carving out time for a concentrated job search? It might increase the stress for a period, but also preserve some financial stability.

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As suggested by @anon41602260, perhaps you see about returning to your current job while searching for a new one?

the question for you may be which situation is less stressful, working at a difficult job with financial security while you search for a new gig, or leaving and having less financial security while you complete your search.

I would consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Doing so might inform your decision, and allow you to consider if your basic needs of the lower levels are covered, allowing development at higher levels.



If you are entitled to retract the letter but are balking at doing so I conclude you didn’t like the job. (After all, retracting the letter and reissuing it later is always on the table.) So the question for you is how much you want financial stability versus the open question of finding more satisfying work that pays your bills. That’s really only something you can decide.

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I’m assuming from your post that when you submitted your resignation letter, your employer didn’t beg you stay and offer you more money. If so, then you are not going to have much of a future at that job even if they accept your retraction of your resignation. Employers like loyalty, and a letter of resignation that is then retracted is a clear signal to the employer that you aren’t “in the game.” Don’t be surprised if the employer says that they won’t accept your retraction as they already filled the job (whether true or not).

Your focus should be on finding new employment or starting up your own business.


Don’t retract it, that is likely to get you fired because you obviously don’t want to be there. If you really can’t continue with your plans of travel then focus on finding a new job or startign your own business ASAP.

Personally, I’d see if I could scale back the travel and do it anyway while lookingf or work that I could do while mobile even just parttime.

That’s very true
Had the opportunity to be a promotion communitee in previous work. If the person had resigned and later on stay on. During the promotion consideration this became part of the talking point even thou the guy performed well after he stay.

Yes. Trying to execute on both at the same time now as @anon41602260 & @Joe_M shared.


Morning from Singapore
Just want to share a big thank you :pray: for the words and thoughts

If anyone is as indecisive as me
I’m hope this update can give some inputs

Later on at 1030, my current boss will me meeting me. The topic is “are you staying?” Very kind of him to let me reconsider my resignation again. No counter offer.

As I’m typing this while stability is very very important. I’m feeling unhappy at the company. Maybe I’m jaded. Since I have no more passion in the firm, staying back just for the money will make me miserable everyday.

Also as fellow members have suggested
Can I look for a job at a same time
I’m very lucky, I managed to found one
It’s a startup. The compensation is much less compared to corporation but it’s a new environment. If it does not work out at least I can store time

So I keep thinking
what’s the worst could happened?

That’s an impossible question in any context. It’s easier to turn the question around and ask yourself “what’s the worst outcome I’m afraid of” and “what’s the best outcome I can hope for” – and then assess for yourself how likely events in either of those categories are and what you would do if the event came true. It’s better to make plans based on verifiable facts.


You are right
Making plans based on facts

Like to share with everyone an update
Again thanks for the words and advice
It means a lot to me

My decision in the end:
I retract the letter
My boss changed my role

Will have to delay my travel plans (time to save up more) - looking to work for the man another year unless another better opportunity comes along the way.

Once thing that’s pretty uncomfortable
I have colleagues who thinks that why are you coming back since you have resigned
They see me as a man who change words / change my mind and not standing up to it
I am a bit affected but thinking that the situation is stable and I have no financial worries now. I have to keep my heads high and focus on my goal for the next 1 year

Thank you :pray: very much