I thought I had accidentally upgraded to Big Sur this morning

That chime. the update adds back the chime to startup.

I did the install security updates this morning and I was walking out the room when chime hit, I spun around and said some horrible things about Apple for the next 10 minutes… until the update finished and I saw I was still on Catalina…


I left the update unattended, will restart to hear it :smiley:

I’m glad it didn’t update you until you’re ready!

I’m “amused” that every macOS update does three things:

  1. Asks me if I want to enable Ask Siri [which I have never, ever enabled on any of my Macs, ever]

  2. Disables Touch ID for sudo

  3. Disables my customizations to ssh_config and sshd_config

Fortunately I now have scripts to re-do #2&3, so I just need to remember to run them after each update.

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Lol, this was actually a good reminder for me since I’m still on Mojave. I checked and have a couple of security updates that I can install. Thanks for the reminder!