I want to connect my Samsung TV to my homepod

So I have Apple TV but I have most of my movies on DVD-still…How can I hear my TV over my Homepods?

I read somewhere “If you need Terrestrial TV audio, get an HD HomeRun box and stream the OTA over WiFi.” Can I do this with some other box? Like a Nvidia Shield or the cable box? I don’t want to buy (((Another))) box…

I don’t suppose there is a dongle for this?

PS my TV is ancient 2014, so no chance that it will do anything with airplay “anything” 1 or 2.

Me too! I want to have the audio from a 2016 Samsung play on my HomePods. Is that possible?

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I’m hoping for a real smartie to have hacked this…
I think the problem is apple created airplay to work only with apple products…so no Samsung TV connection…

Yes, that is likely!

If you rip your movies you could use Airfoil.