I wish the sidebar in Finder had folders

or at least a way to indent and add a little structure.

Oh, and the Dock too.

Any interesting, low friction ideas?

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This is a quick hack and others may have better suggestions, but you can make a couple folders which names are one or more spaces (to avoid duplicates) and drag them in to create spacers. You’ll still see a folder icon. I think there’s a way to hack them to use a transparent or custom image as an icon but I haven’t tried it.


ForkLift allows you to sort Favorites into groups.


Maybe ditch the Finder Sidebar and use Default Folder X in Finder’s menu to set up your Favorites and subfolders.

Or, create a folder in the root with the hierarchy you want, and insert symlinks there to the locations you would have put in the Favorites. Then use that pseudo-hierarchy in the lefthand tab of a Finder window to navigate the links.


I think you’re talking about this.

The transparent icon trick was in creating them as smart folders and replacing the smart folder icon. I’m not sure it’s doable on modern macOS. But it helps visual separation either way to make them smart folders as it gives them a gear icon rather than regular folder icon.

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Thanks for all suggestions!

Sorry, I have an aversion to spaces! They are invisible demons that break code and generally wreak havoc.

I’ll have to look into these, as I own both.
I don’t currently use ForkLift, and underutilize Default Folder X.

Thanks again!

(Hopes for screencastsonline.com)


Dream realized:

I’m averse to spaces in file/folder names, so created some dashing folders. (dashing…:roll_eyes:) thanks @cornchip