iA Writer - Template Designer?

I am a UK based lawyer who uses iA Writer as my primary text editor before exporting to Word to format and export (again). I am looking to streamline this workflow. A little bit inspired by Viticci’s custom IA/Obsidian workflows.

IA Writer has a custom templates feature (Github). Ideally, I would like a custom template that reflects my Word house style and allows me to expert directly to it. It is nothing too sophisticated; 3 heading levels, outlined numbered paragraphs, 1.5 line spacing etc.

The HMTL/CSS coding required is beyond my skills. Can MPU recommend any coder or the best platform on which to secure the services of one? I am willing to pay a decent fee for what I anticipate is a relatively straightforward task that would take a few hours.


Dev here. If you posted a Word document here with the required formatting, I would be willing to give it a go free of charge. Haven’t made iA Writer templates specifically but looking through their documentation I don’t think it would be too difficult. May be a slight delay as I have other obligations though.


It sounds to me that Marked2 by Brett Terpstra will serve you well.
There is a free downlod to try out and a number of pre-written CSS templates are on place.
I use it to change markdown files into various ready to print formats. It is possible to download CSS provided by other people to natch yor particular needs. https://marked2app.com/

Question, why would one want to use a stand alone previewer/exporter (assuming I understand the app correctly) along with an editor rather than an “all in one” like iA Writer? That is an honest question, not a rhetorical one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots of built-in style sheets to choose from. Excellent selection of file formats to which to export. Lots of other little niceties that editors never even consider offering.

The standalone previewer-exporter is by no means unique in this ability. I use it as a part of severakl processes, an with a little bit of tweaking, can create word documents which reflect various ‘house’ styles needed in my work.
Not being familiar with iAWriter for many years I cannot comment further. Karlnyhus i think says it all. Good luck with finding an answer which costs as little to use.


I have tried to get my head around using pandoc in a routine straightforward way but the challenge facing TGoo3e was dealing with CSS which IMHO is much easier than setting up or using pandoc. Any use of a terminal command gets a bit scary for me.