IAWriter Gurus - how to add a Google Drive Folder on iPad?

I enjoy using IA Writer and find that all things considered, it fits my needs well for short and book length projects.

But I have run into a small issue with iA Writer on the iPad. I can’t seem to add a Google Folder to the iA Writer on the iPad. I have been able to add it to my MBP but that folder does not sync to iA Writer on the iPad. I am able to add Google folder documents to iA Writer on the iPad but not a folder.

So my question, can one add a folder to iA Writer’s library/locations in iPad OS? If so, what am I missing?

You do have the Google Drive app installed, correct?

Yes but there doesn’t seem to be a way to add a folder. I can select and add multiple files but not a folder. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

This only works for file providers that allow for file bookmarking.

Google Drive doesn’t. (Nor do most file providers yet. Working Copy and iCloud Drive are your best bets)

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This would appear to be a iPad specific limitation then because I am able to add a Google folder to iA Writer on my MacBook Pro. Do you think that that is the case?

Yes, that’s definitely the case. macOS doesn’t have the file system sandboxing that iOS has.

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Thanks, at least I know I’m not missing something. :slight_smile:

Technically it’s a Google Drive on iOS limitation. But it’s the same with Dropbox and any number of other apps which don’t expect us to use our iPads the way we want to.

It is not possible. Just like you can’t add a OneDrive folder. I asked iA Writer and they confirmed and it had something to do with iPadOS/iOS and not with Google Drive or OneDrive.

Yep, it’s the biggest complaint I wave with devonthink to go, that should not have the same stance of those tech giants with their own ecosystem to push…

Thanks. As I state above, I’m glad I’m not just clueless, at least this time! :slight_smile:

To be clear, it is possible for OneDrive/DropBox/Box etc. to add this functionality. But so far, none of them have. That decision may be based, in part, on limitations with Apple’s API. But it is absolutely possible for other girls provider apps to allow for the functionality that iAWriter relies on to add iCloud Drive or Working Copy folders to its library.