Ibook clamshell type of mouse/trackpad

Hi all!

I come to you with what will probably be considered a slightly strange request.

Since I’m spending even more time at the computer these days, I am trying to improve ergonomics (I have a few ailments, such as wrist, fingers and shoulder pain).

I’ve ordered a negative tilt keyboard tray (I haven’t received it yet), I’m considering a sit-stand desk, etc.

My question now concerns trackpad solutions: I’ve long been using an Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad since I like everything to be as flat as possible (as in a laptop), but that puts strain on my hand too.

I have tried inverting the tilt, following instructions I have found online, but for some reason it did not work for me, it messed up all the settings and I had to copy my trackpad preferences from a backup (all good again).

And now for my question: my absolute favourite, hands-friendly, solution was the very first iBook (2000?) clamshell’s trackpad+clicking pad solution. For those that possessed one you may remember that the clicking part came down onto the front of the machine, which was a perfect position to click with bent thumbs. That felt very natural to me as opposed to the current trackpad, both the built-in one and the separate BT Magic one.

Does anybody know if anything like that is available by third-party producers? I’ve googled a bit but I haven’t found anything.

I’ve tried a vertical mouse too, but no joy.

As unlikely as it is for something like this to be produced if you know about it I would be really happy to be know!


As I recall the original apple trackpad was a “diving board” style trackpad (the one with a tube for the batteries. However have you tried setting your existing trackpad to “tap to click”?

That will allow you to click with your thumb.

Hi and thank you for your quick reply.

Yes, I have, but it does not give me the same sensory feeling: that was a real mechanical click and not a tap and it was positioned on the rounded front part which I thought (and felt) made perfect sense, instead of having something higher/farther away.

I’m not really expecting this to be available anywhere but I figured that if is this is the place to ask! :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear all,

while I haven’t found exactly what I was looking for, I am considering this: Ergoslider Plus: Ergonomic Mouse Review! - YouTube or something similar. It seems to have excellent reviews, I’m sharing this in case anybody else is looking for a similar solution. You put it in front of your keyboard rather than to the side, it has clickable and slidable bar, it seems very promising. It is a bit pricey, but I will report back if I do buy it.


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The modern haptic trackpad allows you to click anywhere and get the same sensory feedback. If you like to click on the “rounded front part” you still can. You can also click higher up. The older trackpads had a pattern where it was harder and harder to click as you moved up the trackpad.