iBooks specialist in Europe?

Hi the MPU/free agents community.
For my first post here, I’m asking for help to find a specialist in iBooks creation in France.

I’m working within a communication department for a brand, and our printed docs still have a huge success.
We would like to run a test on publishing one of them in iBooks format, fully using the tool functionalities, as we can experience them in McSparky iBooks for example (responsive design between ipad and iphone, media highlighting, etc.).

Do you know any freelancer who could advise/help us on this in France, or at least in Europe (easier to exchange, if not in the same language, in the same time zone :slight_smile: )

Thank you.

Why does this thread is displayed in grey in the forum list ? Is it because it’s not published, or because there is no answer yet ?

Grey means that you have read all the posts in thread. As there was only your original post and no replies - and now your reply, that would be grey (you have seen the posts that you make, so it is not an unread post); it should be black now - until you have read my reply!

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Thanks for the explanations :slightly_smiling_face:

[edit] I’ve udpated the topic from “iBooks specialist in France” to “iBooks specialist in Europe” [/edit]