iCal/BusyCal activity time tracking and reporting

I am looking for a simple tool.script, add-on which will automatically calculate the weekly and/or monthly amount of time I have spent on different activities (events) tracked in my iCal/BusyCal calendar. Has anyone come across or built a way to make that happen?

BusyCal does it (in a clunky manner): help doc here. I’ve not tried it, GCal and Outlook (my work calendars over the last couple of years) offer a summary in-app. I’ve not seen anything for iCal. It has an integration with Toggl, but I don’t know what it does.

For iCal you could rummage about in Shortcuts. There’s a “Find Calendar events” function. You could compile results based on specific criteria, the filter list is quite comprehensive.

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Drafts also has access to calendar entries, so you might be able to script up some math for that as well.