iCloud Backup on iPhone over cellular/mobile Data without Wifi

I am searching for ways for iCloud Backup on iPhone over cellular/mobile Data without Wifi.

Why? I am camping outside next to a very good phone signal antenna and have unlimited (!) mobile data every day for fixes price. I want to be able to do my iPhone icloud backups nomrally from my ipHone over mobile data, however that is not possible and I need to be connected to wifi. But I cannot go home or somewehre to get wifi!

Does anyone know a workaround? This limitation seems like from the old times, where mobile data cost a lot…

What works is: Creating a wifi network from an adroid (with thaht unlimited mobile data sim card) and trickng the iphone into thinking he is connected into a normal wifi network. If I try to do the same with a second ipHone that same strategy wont work, as the iphones recognize it is a personal hotspot which runs mobile data and not a regular wifi connection and does not do the backup as well by stating the connection is slow… However I have speeds up to 50 mb/s. And the backup over the Android hotspot with the same sim card works perfect!

And: any other backup (itunes, offline , third party app etc.) is NOT an alternative for me. I want all to be in the cloud easy peasy. (btw i am still on ios13 but I dont think it changed on iOS 14 right?)

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There is no way around this limitation, which I agree does seem outdated.

Surely just an option, off by default, to use cellular data for iCloud backups would be all that we’d need. Lots of other apps have settings for cellular data usage.

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Yes and what confuses me is: Even apple allows unlimited mobile data for iCloud photos (doesnt matter if how many GB!). Also There is no limitation for Mobile hotspot /tethehing for your Mac sucking out the mobile data from your iphone (we even have auto join since ios 13 and osx catalina)!

SO my guess is, that they probably just forgot it?!..