iCloud bookmark problems

I have a problem with iCloud bookmark synchronization between my Macbook, iPad and iPhone.
The bookmarks are not transferred when I save them on the Macbook and are not displayed on the iPhone and iPad.
I then disconnected the devices from the cloud and set up synchronization again and then all the bookmarks were displayed, but in a rather messed up way and no longer in my listed order. The new arrangement took me a lot of time and I would therefore be reluctant to repeat this process every time. Is there any solution to this problem?

Which browser / application are you expecting to sync your bookmarks?

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hello, um using only safari on all devices.

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I’ve never had success syncing bookmarks through iCloud. I would set it up, and it would initially appear to work, but more like a one-time push to all my machines. The next time I added a bookmark on Computer A, it did not appear to sync, and I would only see that bookmark stored on Computer A and not Computer B. This experience happened again and again. I tried all the troubleshooting steps I could find, multiple times, and I eventually gave up. Now I just manage my bookmarks locally on each computer, which is a nuisance, but it’s less frustrating for me than fighting with iCloud each time I add a bookmark.

This is the only gripe I have about iCloud. The syncing for the other features/apps I use – Drive, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Photos, Reminders – has been great.

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Unfortunately, I have also tried everything possible without success. As you say, the rest works perfectly, but it’s a shame that Apple can’t get such an important function(for me) to work

On the flip side I’ve sync’d favourites in Safari for years and never had a problem.

I can’t give you the actual advice to fix this, but I can offer a nudge in the right direction and someone else might drop in with the steps involved.

A few years ago I had problems with bookmarks syncing and eventually I got annoyed enough to contact Apple Support. The problem ended up being that I had two copies of the bookmarks plist file and it was causing mischief because iCloud didn’t know what to sync (we had no idea how I ended up with two copies). You can replace or delete the plist file yourself, so can correct an issue like this.

All in all, it took maybe 30 mins to fix my problem, but maybe 15 mins of that was the technician trying to work out how/why I’d ended up with two plist files. Actually duplicating the correct file, deleting the wrong ones and then waiting for the devices to re-sync didn’t take long at all.

Checking what your own plist file is up to is probably a good start.

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I once had this problem and I fixed it by backing up my bookmarks.
Turning off Safari from iCloud sync from all devices.
Waited 30 minutes and then turned on Safari sync and removed all bookmarks and imported from the backup.

That sounds very plausible, how do I delete this file or where can I find it?

The Bookmarks.plist file is in ~/Library/Safari. I wish you good luck! It didn’t work for me.