iCloud Contacts Not Syncing

I’m having issues with my contacts not syncing between my devices. Primarily I use a Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I add contacts from all three devices. But what I’ve noticed recently is that a contact that I add on my phone will not be on my iPad. I’ve tried turning off iCloud sync for contacts, restarting the device, and then turning iCloud sync for contacts back on, but still the sync is not working. Any advice?

I don’t currently use iCloud for contact syncing. I have noticed, though, that syncing for Drafts (which also uses iCloud) stopped working between my iPhone and Mac a day or two ago. Maybe they’re related? Maybe not? I haven’t had a chance to look into what’s behind it yet.

I don’t know if this is still an issue, but in the past contact sync stopped, if a photo of a contact was too large in file size.

A little more info… @raucous I’ve noticed this for months, so it’s not a new problem. And @MarkusJ the contacts I’m noticing that are not syncing do not have a picture attached at all.

Here is the typical workflow:

  • I add a new contact on my iPhone with name, phone, email
  • a week later, that person sends me an iMessage (blue bubbles even), but on the iPad it shows up as the phone number only, not the named contact because this contact is not in my iPad contacts

A revised workflow could be very similar, but starting on the Mac and the changes don’t make it through to my iPhone and/or iPad