iCloud+ Custom Email Domains (multiple)


Since I pay for iCloud+, and I have several domains + paid hosted email, I’ve been thinking about bringing it all under the Apple umbrella. I thought I would check in to make sure the experience will be as I expect it.

Current setup:
Personal email through Namecheap, which includes mailboxes for kids
Business email through Hover
Mostly use Spark, but also Mail.app for filtering

Save $ by not having to pay for separate email hosting
Give kids an email address, so they don’t end up with multiple accounts/addresses

With multiple domains, how is email sending handled in both Mails and Spark?

When I set up iCloud accounts and emails for my kids, will they need an “@iCloud.com” email or will they get to start with the new custom one?

I understand that with multiple addresses, email comes in to one unified box, so I would need to setup server side rules to separate those into folders.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Bumping this (I hope that’s ok). Hoping to find people with experiences with custom email domains. I must have posted at the wrong time, I know this forum loves its email.

I have two email accounts set up on all my devices in Mail (Mac, iOS, & iPad). Yes, there is a unified inbox which includes all items from both of my accounts. But I can easily select either one inbox, which only shows the messages received to that specific account. I tend to switch between the two individual inboxes and ignore the unified inbox. Others may prefer to work differently.

When creating a new outgoing message, Mail will default to send the message from whichever account I am currently viewing. However, if I want to change the “from” address, I can just tap or click on it and a list pops up and I can select a different account to send from.

I’m not sure I follow your questions regarding setting up email accounts for your kids. I would avoid setting up alias to your account. Instead set up a separate full account for each person. That way they can keep that account (if they want to) as they get older and get their own devices/move out/etc. In fact, as they get their own devices, you will want to create separate Apple ID accounts for each of them (of course you can keep all of the accounts within the same “family” and share purchases etc.), which will require a separate email account for each anyway. My boss has recently run into this as he set his daughter’s iPhone up on his account. Then when he latter gifted her some earpods, they would immediately disconnect from her phone and connect to his every time he used his devices. He is now struggling to find a way to disconnect her phone from his account without losing all of her personal data on her phone. I suspect he will need to wipe it and set it up as a new device on a new account. His daughter will not be happy about that.


Thanks for the reply.

I definitely want my kids to have their own iCloud accounts and custom domain email. From what I understand, they will need a standard iCloud account+email before I can give them a custom domain email. Though not ideal, it’s not the end of the world either. I would just like to avoid them having multiple accounts. Yes I know their custom domain email will be tied to their iCloud account and not separate. I have an old iCloud account that uses my gmail that I can’t get rid of because it’s got my purchase history and there’s no way to merge or transfer those purchases. So that account lives as a member for Family Sharing purposes, plus I have my normal iCloud account as well. I’m just trying to set them up so they’ll have one email/login for anything they sign up for. Although I don’t think I’ll be too successful, as I have them set up in a Microsoft family (for Minecraft), and I think they have randomly generated outlook email addresses. Oh well.

If anyone has experience using multiple custom domains in 3rd party apps using iCloud, I’d like to hear it.