iCloud download everything


Is there a way to make iCloud sync and download (and upload) to my Macs and iPhone all of my files, all of the time without any input from me? There are a lot of cloud icons with down pointing arrows on my devices. (There are other files/folders that have been synced and downloaded.) “Optimize Mac Storage” is turned off. I’ve got plenty of disc space and iCloud storage space. Some of the undownloaded files/folders have been on my devices for months or longer.

*Update:*On recheck one of my two Macs had downloaded everything from iCloud. The other Mac had “Optimize Mac Storage” checked, I suppose by a system update. Now that I have unchecked it, downloading seems to be proceeding, But my iPhone still is a problem. I wonder if there is an iPhone equivalent to the Mac “Optimize Mac Storage” setting?

I don’t believe so, unfortunately.

OK, so I’m replying to myself with an update. I called Apple support and, as KillerWhale says, it is a no go.

My current situation:

  1. 2013 MBP (runs Big Sur well by the way) with a 500 GB drive and 107 GB free. I estimate that I have about 60 GB (of 64 GB total) on iCloud that won’t download automatically. Maybe a space problem?

  2. 2018 MBP with 1 TB drive. It has downloaded all of my iCloud files automatically.

  3. iPhone XS with 256 GB storage and 226 GB free. About 64 GB total in iCloud. Apple support says that iCloud can’t be forced to automatically download all of the files. It has to be done manually (which seems like a huge waist of my time. Also, new files easily could be missed and not downloaded). Blah!

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