iCloud Drive doesn't have version history like Dropbox?

I’ve heard David say on MPU that you switched from Dropbox to iCloud Drive. I followed suit, because I was sick of paying for Dropbox and iCloud Drive while not maximizing my storage in either. However, it seems that I have lost version history as a feature. I don’t use Pages, but instead rely on Microsoft Word. Supposedly, Word has “Versions…” as a button in the “File” menu, but the update last night took that screen away and Microsoft hasn’t updated the help articles.

Even worse, though, I’m wondering if I delete a folder by accident, I don’t see how to bring it back through iCloud Drive; Dropbox gives me 30 days to get that folder back.

Am I missing something about iCloud Drive, or should I switch back to Dropbox?

Yes you can. See this article https://support.apple.com/kb/PH27917?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US

I deleted a file in Documents which is stored in iCloud and it shows in my trash can also so I can recover from there. I have my photos, Desktop, and Documants synced to iCloud. Makes it very handy to get to stuff from my iOS devices.