iCloud Drive folder sharing delayed to 2020

Apple’s Catalina features page now says iCloud Drive folder sharing is “Coming this spring”.

Had some hopes (and use cases) for that one… :frowning:

Biggest Apple OS (plural) screwup in years.

Actually I think the screw up is the fact that they announce features for a one day release In september, instead of saying that they will introduce the new features over the course of the year.

That gets our hopes up, and when they then can’t deliver…


I cannot remember the last time Apple released three iOS or macOS updates in one week. I can’t remember so many different problems people have been reporting so quickly with any Apple operating system. The delayed features do not concern me; the decision to push out these OSes despite having had a rough go in beta somewhat alarms me.

Has this launched yet? It’s not really clear on Catalina if this is possible.

Nope, I thought I’d read it was in the latest beta version but can’t find anything on that now.