iCloud Drive root level clutter

So one of the things I find terribly annoying is how applications place their save folders in the root level of iCloud Drive. It makes the whole thing chaotic.

Does anyone know of a way to tidy this up so I can have maybe two or three folders off the root rather than 16-20?

I’ve wondered about this as well. The only thing that’s stopped me from trying to de-clutter was my experience trying to to de-clutter my Applications folder only to find that some apps were hard coded to the root level and would either complain or re-install another version if I put them into a folder.

I should try it because hell what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Unfortunately, this is something you need to wait for Apple to clean up.

My personal solution is to create a series of personal folders and to precede the name with something like a so that they sort to the top of the list and are grouped together.

(At a technical level, my understanding is that the various app folders that appear in the root of iCloud Drive are actually all in a different location than the user-created folders at the root level of iCloud Drive, which, I believe, is an artifact of how iCloud Drive came to be.)


AFAIK, the only way to remove the folders is to delete the apps. And this only removes the folders from the iCloud GUI. The folder of ever iCloud enabled app that you have every installed is still there:

A partial list of mine:


Thank you both for your responses. That’s what I thought. Well, at some point, I’m sure it’ll be handled. I had thought of creating a “_myfolder” folder so I can can have a pseudo root folder all my own.

Maybe another opportunity to clear the cruft from my app library.