iCloud email alias useful?

Hi MPUers, I recently discovered the feature of iCloud email alias and I’m curious to know how you use them. Specifically, I’m interested in learning how to reply from the email alias and would the same email alias be shown on the receiver end?


  • Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using iCloud email alias?
  • Does using iCloud email alias mean you’re stuck with Apple forever paying them a subscription?
  • Any free alternatives?

If you mean aliases which you create from iCloud website than it’s free and you can create only three of them. In the settings of Mail app you can change to use alias as defaul adress for new messages, or when you want to send new email you can manually change adress to alias. All messages came to you iCloud inbox, but you can see the adress of you alias, if the message came there

I meant creating random email addresses/alias for privacy that forward to your primary email

Maybe you mean “Hide My Email” feature for iCloud+?

If you use this feature I’m not sure if you can send messages multiple times from the same address, but otherwise it works similar, messages come to your iCloud inbox (or other mail provider, but I’ve tried it only with iCloud), but you see your random address the message came to. If you unsubscribe from iCloud, the addresses you’ve already created will still work, but you can’t create new ones

If you don’t need more than three aliases, you can use the free aliases you can create on iCloud.com in the Mail settings. There you can choose your own nickname for an alias and reply from it as a separate address. And if you don’t need it anymore, you can disable it

I’ve been using the email alias feature for several years without any issue. In Mail, you can select the alias as your From email (see screenshot) and the receiver will see it too.

Initially I set up an alias when .mac changed to MobileMe so I could keep using my @mac.com email address. Later I added an abbreviated email alias to avoid spelling my last name every time I tell someone my email (bls3 vs bsobanski). It has been solid ever since. Only downside is when I forget which alias I used for something but that’s my own fault.

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