iCloud emails are marked as spam

I have a client with a problem I need some help with.

The @icloud.com email from this client is being marked as spam by all recipients. Even when we unspam the email it still goes back to dumping every email from this account into the spam folder. Even marking this account as a VIP doesn’t help.

With other email accounts would be able to check the dkim / spf records but with iCloud.com there is noting I could do. Apple support checked and was not able to solve the problem.


I would guess someone may have used their address to spam people and their address was put on a blacklist.
Don’t know if it is possible to fix it. I wouldn’t think so.

What is the spam filter software in this case?

This afternoon I removed malware and some unfamiliar remote software from his Mac that was running in the background :persevere:

I checked all his email addresses using this checker:

I suspect that his Comcast email account was used (if its not Yahoo is Comcast email…) to send spam from his Mac. And that email send from his IP address is flagged.

I did a deep clean and had him unplug the modem to obtain a new public IP address.
Hopefully this will work!

Apple Mail and GMail

Is your client using the @iCloud.com receiving non-delivery notices from emails he did not send?

This happened at my previously employer. I had a user whose address was used by a spammer as the return address on emails he was sending. Our logs and the info in the bounces showed the mail was not coming from our server but the damage was done. Individuals and domains started marking his mail as spam, but fortunately our domain was not blacklisted.

I had to create a new email address for the users account and routed inbound mail to his new and original address to the same inbox. Eventually the problem went away, after many months.

No he is not, and his Apple ID is secured with 2FA. Neither did Apple find anything in his account.

I could have tried to ask him sending email from his iPhone using mobile data rather then WiFi this could confirm my theory about his home IP address being flagged for spam.

Will ask and get back later.

Could you convince comcrap, oops I mean comcast, to give your client a new IP address? I know mine has changed a few times over the years.

That’s why the power cycle of at least 30min usually this results in a new iP.

Ya know, I’m constantly complaining that people never read the whole message (email, usually), and here I did it myself!

Well the sending from wireless data worked confirming that the IP address was the problem. Easy fix from here :slight_smile: