iCloud Family Member Grows Up

So my son leaves to begin his life in the Army tomorrow. I’m super proud of him and after he completes basic training in about 9 weeks, he’s pretty much on his own. And he’s asked about how he can leave our family plan and just have his own account that he’s financially responsible for (another source of pride). From the little bit of research I’ve done, I’m not sure how to do it in a way where he keeps his music and other things that he’s paid for over the years.

Has anybody else dealt with this problem? Someone who wants to leave a family and retain their stuff? It strikes me that there are going to be a lot of problems like this as our kids grow up.

We’ve tested just using gift cards to give him a balance to bill against and that works fine, but I still get the invoices, which is, in his words, “kinda weird.” And I agree. Any suggestions? Thanks all!


Son is still on our Apple One and family sharing plan. He’s an officer in the Navy and can easily afford his own but it costs us nothing to add him.

He can still have his own account and participate in family sharing so he has access to the previous content. Anything new he buys becomes his alone.

As far as I understand, he can leave the family and will retain everything attached to his iCloud account, like music and storage.

If all purchases are done on different account, then he will lose access to those purchases.

Family accounts are just shared seats not content.

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Have him stay on the account. The least amount of stuff he has to worry about while traversing Boot Camp and A School the better. Trust me if you’re not grown or responsible you will get as much "help"as you require to become an effective employee of the military.

He can always leave at any time and keep the stuff he’s purchased under his AID but what’s the rush?

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