iCloud Files creating number duplicates rather than just saving files

Hi Folks,
In full disclosure, I do have a developer account, I am currently running iPadOS Beta 3, and I have reported these problems. With that, I more or less never get any feedback or support on that platform…

The Issue
For some reason, whenever I open any iWork file on my iPad (pages & numbers), do a little work, and then exit the file. Instead of just saving the file, I find myself with filename2.pages, filename3.pages etc over and over again. The same issue seems to be happening with the Documents folder in iCloud, it now shows Documents, Documents2, Documents3 all the way into the teens.

I can delete them over and over and the next time I return, they return. As I “want” to be able to work on my iPad, I returned to using dropbox as I needed a more stable platform, but it is also doing the same thing now.

I am now back to working on my MacBook Pro as it is just not reliable working option to use iCloud and working on iWork documents via the iPad.

Yes, I know its a beta
Yes, I know not to put a Beta on a device that I need for work
No, I do not accept that because of the two yes’s above, that we cannot try to improve the situation.

Has anyone had the same issue and has any suggestions on fixing this ?

Many thanks in advance



Federico Viticci mentioned something similar on the most recent Connected podcast. You may tweet at him.

It’s an iCloud sync bug. That same bug has created 100s of folders for some apps too. Until Apple fixes it there’s not a lot anyone can do aside from be patient, and file a report if you encounter it. MN

Thanks, Good to know. The strange part is that Dropbox is doing it now too. I am wondering if I should remove the dropbox link to the files app and see if that helps.

Thanks again
Ps Thank you Hobbycollector also

Yet another reason not to run the beta (yet).

Pros and Cons. The iPad is not “needed” as my main working device. Running the beta is needed for development and other things as well as the Apple designated “thrill seeker” enjoyment factor. Despite the Beta glitches, there are often workarounds for them, and this is why I asked. Just because you are using a beta doesn’t mean you have to accept all issues without a fight.

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