iCloud + Mail App Problems

So I have decided to move from my custom domain to iCloud. This has involved moving emails from my external provider (fastmail) to iCloud via Microsoft Outlook.

All is well but my iPhone/iPad dont want to show the latest emails.

For example my latest emails (as shown in Mail.app iOS Version) are:

  • 09:38 (today)
  • 25/01/2019
  • 17/06/2013

In iCloud (web version) it shows all my emails. In Outlook eveything displays correctly.

I have tried deleting/re-installing Mail.app and switching iCloud Mail off and back on.

PS - Im also on BT Fibre so connection speed shouldn’t be an issue.

Any ideas ?

have you tried to remove outlook and then adding the email accounts to mail.app again? It could be an issue with outlook?

If you have been dragging and dropping emails from one email account to an other it will cause a huge amount of email to be send from your home. Your ISP will likely flag your account as a source of sending spam and block the SMTP ports.

Its best to migrate emails directly between servers using a service like this:

For those who are moving to a G-Suite accounts, there is a good email migration tool that is available for the Admin to help copy emails into the users account.

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Or this: just google for Email migration service

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Cheers for the advice. I cut down my inbox from 13k emails to just 4k using Outlook. This took a few hours but Mail.App now seems to be much happier. I don’t know if inbox size was an issue here but a possibility.