iCloud Mail Read/Unread Sync

Long time listener, first time poster!

My mail setup is pretty straight forward. I have work mail via Exchange (Office 365). I then have my personal domain hosted on Fastmail which I use for personal account. For everything else such as all online accounts etc I have been using a Gmail account for years. I decided that since I am all iOS I should just use iCloud mail for that stuff, especially since sign in with apple option was announced.

Here is the issue. For my Exchange and Fastmail account if I read something on my Mac it shows as read immediately on my phone. This is not the case with the iCloud account. Fastmail uses IMAP so I can’t figure out why iCloud is not doing the same? Is anyone else having this issue, or is my setup wrong somewhere?

iCloud mail has weird push behaviour. It only seems to push on new e-mail, specifically, and not changes in state to existing email.

So if you get one email, and see the unread badge on your iPhone and your iPad, and proceed to read that mail on your phone. You will still see the unread badge on your iPad. If you then receive another email, your iPad will receive the new email and at this point also update the old one to read.

If you open Mail at any point it will also pull the current state. So if you open Mail on your iPad before the second mail in this scenario and wait a second for the sync, it’ll update.

Thanks! That is the same behavior I am seeing. I just assumed it would do a better job of this given that it is Apple’s property.

I think it’s a holdover from circa 2008, when you needed to be more data economical.