iCloud Mail Server Side Rules

Is there a way to temporarily turn off iCloud Mail Rules? Or to back them up, delete them, and restore them? I am trying to better my email. And so I created around 75 rules (which took a long time). Now I want to try something different to see if it works better. But don’t want to lose the work I have already done. Any options other taking a screenshot and then deleting them?

Looking at the dialog box on icloud.com, does not appear Apple provides a way to disable or turn on/off individual rules.

Apple’s iCloud service is, as you can see, pretty basic. While I use it, I rely on Fastmail for email and their rules engine has a disable feature–as I would expect other services do also. Whether it is worth your time to move those 75 rules to another service is another matter.

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Can Fastmail rules act on multiple addresses? For example this rule deletes a message if it comes from any of the listed addresses:

Matches: from:({underarmour.com,nbc@email.nbc.com,info@twitter.com})
Do this: Delete it

If so he could probably reduce his number of rules significantly.

it has a “contains” rules on emails so probably yes.

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Thank you @rms and @WayneG. Indeed no way to disable server side iCloud mail rules it does not seem. :smiling_face_with_tear: So if I want to try something different then I will need to delete them. I am learning a lot going down the email rabbit hole. Ability to turn off (not delete) filtering is important. I will say just deleting the folder and leaving the rule in place does not work . . .