iCloud mailadres not working on iPhone/iPad/Windows pc outlook but it does work via iCloud.com?!

Hi all,

My mother (80 years old) has an iPhone 8 an iPad Air and a Windows 11 (Lenovo).

She recently switched ISP and for some odd-reason she had problems with her @iCloud.com e-mail adres. Her old ISP revoked her mom@nameofprovider.nl adres. But I thought no worries, she has an Apple ID mymomsname@icloud.com so there is e-mail attached to that.

But she can’t receive e-mail on iPhone / iPad / and Outlook on the Windows 11 (Lenovo) system.

I can see she has her account enabled on iOS devices… but no joy when trying to send/recieve mail.
Only on webbrowser logging into www.icloud.com she can view mail.

I tried to make app specific passwords for the Windows system. Tried it in Thunderbird mail on Windows and Outlook. Both give errors that iCloud cannot be reached…

The funny thing is, on my Apple Macbook I used her credentials in the normal macOS mail application and there within seconds I get the e-mail up and running…?!

Anyone any idea? Can this be an ISP related thing?

Kind regards, Wim

Maybe download iCloud for windows?

I also think that you probably do need iCloud for Windows.

Yes I did download and install iCloud for Windows. Should have mentioned that. It does sync photo’s etc. but I disabled that (there are allot of pictures and takes up to much space).

But when wanting to enable sync with browsers and the input of Apple ID and password is needed, it gives an error (in Dutch) that it cannot connect to the servers/service of Apple.

That sounds to me as if there is an issue that prevents the iCloud software to establish a working connection with Apple.

Sometimes, third party software that is tinkering with network stuff is to blame.

One example:

The issue is with the “Killer Intelligence Center”. This appears to be an app that manages network priorities through my Ethernet port on my Dell machine. Once I turned off the prioritization feature, the problem with iCloud went away.

From: Redirecting (Post by TomBarton1)

Others are hinting to the exact same “Killer Intelligence Center” at:


Apple also has a support article about this topic:

I tried all kinds of things, and thanks for the support!! No joy with the solutions provided. I ended up with creating an Gmail address and forwarding the iCloud mailadres to the gmail address… :scream:

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