iCloud new web interface beta

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Just happened over to icloud.com to check some notes in Notes, and there is a new interface in beta (at https://beta.icloud.com/).
It reminds me of the interface in Nextcloud that I like, with configurable tiles, etc.
This is a good avenue for accessing the Apple ecosystem from other platforms, like Linux.


Since I almost always have at least my iPhone with me, I never login to the iCloud web interface. Is there something I’m missing by not using it?

Not that I know of, just a nice interface that’s there if we need it.

It’s handy if you are also a Windows user.

I just visited this site from a work laptop - blocked! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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This is sort of weird, but… I like this enough that I almost wish I actually had a reason to use it ever.

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I found the iCloud beta page a few days ago. It’s nice; the old design was nice too. But I only ever use iCloud.com to manage my Hide My Email addresses. Like others posted, I think “I would like to use this site” and then “Why would I want to use this site?” I don’t use Office.com much either for that matter.