iCloud OCR - Does apple OCR files in the cloud, directly?

As we start to close out the year, I’m looking to move more workflows onto core Apple apps. At present, I rely on Microsoft Onedrive as my primary store for files, both documents and scans. Onedrive works quite well, but is not as seamless as iCloud for apple products.

So, this has me wondering - The best I can tell, iCloud doesn’t do OCR of documents and scans on the cloud. Is that correct? Onedrive seems to have this capability. I’ve scanned the web, and can’t seem to find a definitive response on whether iCloud does on cloud OCR.

Based on random uploads to both clouds, it seems like Apple doesn’t do OCR on cloud.

What would be a good way to get OCR’d - that is searchable - files up to iCloud from iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

When your device recognises text in images (and even in PDFs containing images) and elsewhere, that’s on-device processing. iCloud does not do that, and probably never will do that as Apple probably does not want to cross that line (privacy and all that).

On the Mac, you can use Preview to embed detected text in the PDF file and export the file with the text layer embedded in the document:

On iOS/iPadOS, you’ll have to use an app that can do OCR.

Makes sense. Thanks!