iCloud price increase

I have just got notification that my 2TB of iCloud storage is going up in price by 28%. I am really finding it hard to to stay loyal to this company. I also read today they are suing any company that has an Apple in its logo - including those that have had the logo many more years than Apple.


That is one hefty increase! Inflation or not. That is remarkable.

I was curious.

Country           UK   Germany    US
local currency   8.99    9.99    9.99
in US-$         11.42   10.94    9.99
minus VAT        1.90    1.75    0.00
without VAT      9.52    9.19    9.99

The UK is basically on par again with the US after this increase (maybe due to the development of the GBP).

Which does not help at all if you are in the UK… :frowning:

Regarding Germany… Price increase coming… 3-2-1…? :thinking:

They’re trying to make Apple One look cheap I guess :person_facepalming:

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I think this is the right answer. Honestly I am terrified of iCloud Plus. I have the $3 200GB plan but I can never see myself getting off this. I am just too dependent.

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HKSV (HomeKit Secure Video) for my 4 cameras
iCloud Photos for my whole family.

It provides so much value for $3. That’s how I know Apple will raise to $5 soon.


I think they\re trying to push people towards Apple One.

25% price increase (yeah, it’s “only” £2 a month) is still a lot at a time when everything is going up and up (except wages).

They could at least make the entry level free tier 50Gb!

I read that Apple was paying both Amazon and Google hundreds of $millions each year for cloud storage back in 2019. And in ‘21 that Apple doubled the amount it stored on Google. I doubt they will ever increase the free tier.

I wish they would do either a 500GB or a 1 TB level. My current usage is around 250GB - so I have to buy the 2TB options


I found that a lot of my data was apple photos. I created a second photos library using Powerphotos which does not sync with icloud and archive photos in there. This may not be your scenario, but may help you get below 200gb.

Have you adjusted for vat / tax? UK prices include the vat, I suspect US prices need sales tax adding on?

Yes, see the table in the post you quoted for further reference. :slight_smile:

19 days ago (currency exchange rates…) - prices in US-$ without VAT (it does not make much sense to compare prices including VAT), after the increase:

  • UK: 9.52
  • Germany: 9.19
  • US: 9.99

Which is similar (or on par - as far as I am concerned). .

EDIT: Regarding US sales tax: As far as I understand there are only a few (?) states in the US with sales tax on cloud solutions (which means that it is added to the 9.99). 9.99 is without sales tax. Paddle has quite an interesting article on US and international taxes when it comes to software and digital goods: SaaS sales tax: US & international SaaS tax guide (2023).

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Apologies, my eyes weren’t working very well this morning obviously!

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