"iCloud storage full" with more than 1.9 TB free

Ah, those nice things…

Follow-up to: Apple quietly raises price for Apple One, Apple Music and Apple TV+ - #6 by Christian

I have 64 GB of iCloud data (the whole family), I am on a 2 TB plan. This will be changed on November 2nd to the 200 GB plan.

And the lovely Ventura finder on my Mac Mini is telling me that the iCloud storage is full. And no, restarting the Mac does not change anything…


Disabling iCloud Drive and re-enabling it on the Mac does not help either.


When I click on “Get more storage”, Apple is telling me that I am on the 50 GB plan. Which I am not and which is not what my other devices are telling me.

“It just works.”


EDIT 3: “A picture is worth a thousand words…”

From left to right (everything shown at once on the same Mac):

Finder saying that the iCloud storage is full, iCloud prompt showing me that I am on the 50 GB plan and the lovely system preferences correctly showing that I have 2 TB of storage with 64 GB in use.

If I had to guess, it might just be a bug with macOS Ventura. After all, it’s only been available to the general public since Monday.

When Apple inevitably sends out a bug fix update, maybe it’ll finally solve your issue.

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Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile: I feel a little insecure because of my change of subscription plans.

It is a bug - for sure. Hopefully, they do not delete data…

I am of no help, but I recently did the same thing, canceled Premier, going down to the 50gb plan, and then adding the 2 TB plan. It worked for me though. I am not getting any messages.

I am pretty sure iCloud will not delete data though, you just won’t be able to add more files until it is fixed.

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Actually, I can add more. Uploads go through just fine - and show up on my other devices which have no issue.

Well, I think that means it worked, and the error message isn’t being cleared. I hate to say this, but have you tried logging out of iCloud and back in?

I have just done so. It did not help. Now, of course Photos is doing its syncing dance. And some contacts have duplicated. It just works…

I have filed a bug report under Product Feedback - Apple

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On a side note: after debugging those duplicated contacts I lost about 110 contacts on my Mac. Fortunately iCloud.com’s data kept being ok.

I had to log out from iCloud on my Mac again and then log in again to resolve that issue on the Mac (after turning syncing off and on and after deleting plist files and restarting my Mac so often, my PC became jealous of those reboots on my Mac, everything with no effect). :wink:

My contacts are in order again. What a bad experience this is…! Finder still is going crazy with “iCloud Storage full”. Well, I will wait some time how stuff develops.

I feel bad now. That is why I was hesitant to say try logging out of iCloud, but it usually does fix those little errors with iCloud stuff I sometimes get.

Hopefully Apple Support can help.

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No need to! :slight_smile: You were 100% correct to suggest that route. I already had thought about that, but I hesitated to so. It was worth trying. And… the second logout/login attempt did fix the contacts issue the first attempt had caused in the first place. :laughing:

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I have this too, but it’s because of the multiple iCloud username issue. I have two usernames, with 2Tb on the username I use for the store etc, but only 5gb on the ‘other’ username. I occasionally get ‘full’ messages for this other account.

The Apple username thing is a disgrace to the company, but let’s face it, after 20+ years it will never be fixed

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Well, one week later.

My Mac Mini definitely has iCloud issues. The Finder thinks that I am on a 5 GB plan. Since yesterday I am on a 200 GB plan (down from 2 TB). System settings are correctly showing me 143 GB of free space. Syncing had stopped intermittently. I have logged out of iCloud and back in again multiple times, restarted the Mac and what not.

I have launched a chat with Apple Support half an hour ago. “Johannes” was of no help, but he tried. The case has been escalated, Apple will call me in the evening.

I just installed the Hazel 5.2 update. Afterwards, Hazel kept showing me that it had been stopped, then the message went away only to come back again (while trying to work with an iCloud folder). It went away. It came back and so on. I removed Hazel from “full disk access” and put it back there. Hazel is fine again.

I have “lost” my iCloud avatar (it does not show up any longer on the Mac Mini).

This Intel Mac Mini 2018 feels like a lemon under Ventura.

I will wait what the call from Apple will bring to the table later this evening.

I am seriously considering wiping the Mac and trying a fresh install. Like in the Windows Vista days when this was something you did once a year. :wink:

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Last night I installed the update to Hazel and it kept stopping and starting itself. I had to reboot which resolved the issue.

I will advise to backup that data offline while the change take place. That is a really annoying bug.

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So, the issue is resolved. I cancelled the Apple Support call a few days ago.

To keep it short:

  1. I decided to wipe my Mac Mini and to start over with a clean install. While the installation was ongoing, the Finder on my Macbook Air prompted me with “iCloud storage full”. :wink: Ok… So, at last this issue was no issue with the Mac Mini. I do not regret the clean install, the Mac Mini feels more fresh again.

  2. I bought 200 GB storage iCloud+ via the Finder just to see what happens - and the message went away. For some reason the Finders both of my Mac Mini and my Macbook Air were not able to “see” those 200 GB included in Apple One Family, the Finder only seemed to be able to “see” those 200 GB included in iCloud+. This seems to be limited to the Finder (on both my Macs). When I check iCloud via System Preferences, iCloud tells me that I have 400 GB, 200 included in Apple One and 200 in iCloud+ (the new purchase).

  3. I took this as a sign: I will keep 200 GB iCloud+ and I will downgrade Apple One Family to Apple Music. As a result I will only keep paying for Apple’s cloud services I really use.

All of this reminded me - again: It is nice to be independent and to have my data on my NAS which is being backed up both to the cloud and to external USB drives. These Apple cloud issues do not help with building trust. I do not say that they are bad, but my data absolutely will stay within my home (as it has been since the beginning when I started using computers).


Great you sorted this … and hopefully your “cloud” backup location is not a pure synced service location, e.g. Apple Cloud or similar. This is because any flaws/unwanted deletes/setc on your NAS will get replicated to the so-called Cloud backup and making your backups an exact copy of of the flawed NAS.

For offsite backup, I use Backblaze. There are other services and methods for offsite backup, including one I used to do and that being me recycling the backup USB drive to my mother-in-laws home.

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No, it is a backup like in backup (with versioning and so on). It is from Synology.

And of course - like I mentioned - those trusty rotating USB drives as one more backup.