iCloud won't connect after cloning

Hi everyone!

Some of you may have followed my Macbook 11"- Macbook 13" saga, here’s the sequel and a new request for help.

I have been using my Macbook Air 13" 2015 running 10.13.6 for a few months now, but I actually wanted to go back to my Macbook Air 11" 2012, also running 10.13.6, on account of its size and weight, and seeing it’s now been endowed with a 1TB SSD, whereas the 13" only has 500 Gb and is very full. I have tried transferring my data (everything, including settings and apps) both via TimeMachine and via a clone, but some passwords are no longer recognised and more specifically I am unable to activate KeyChain (I receive an error message which invites me to try again). I have tried logging out of iCloud completely and back in but, although I do receive the confirmation request on another one of my connected devices, it spins a while and then goes back to asking me my AppleId. I’m sure the password is correct. I have tried looking for a solution online, but haven’t found any that would apply to my case.

Any ideas why this is happening and how I can correct it? Clones always worked perfectly so far and TM did a good job too (I have only used the latter once for brain transplants).


Maybe you can use the migration assistant and transfer all data & settings that way?

I did. That’s what I meant with using a Time Machine backup. Not sure what goes wrong, but something is broken somewhere.

Time machine is different though, have you tried machine to machine and move data over later?

No, I don’t have a cable to connect the two machines, but maybe I’ll get one and try that way.
I’ve also had the feeling that it would be safer to have one machine which I know is working and has all data, disable its WiFi and BT and leave it alone until the clone or the TM backup have copied over to the second machine. I know copying should only go on one direction, but what if migration assistant suddenly has iCloud sync something or get confused because it sees two “identical”’ machines? Am I more paranoid than I need to be?

A wifi connection should work if you put the macs close together if I look at the Apple support article

Belated thanks (I hadn’t received a notification for this)

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