IDE (40 Pin) Adapter For Old Drives …?

I have about 10 old hard drives with IDE connectors sitting in a box. Most of them are probably dead drives from old PCs, but I’d like to give them a look-over before I dispose of the whole lot.

Anybody know of a reliable adapter to convert the 40-pin to USB so I can read these things? My understanding is that many of the adapters out there are flaky and/or unreliable, but that may be incorrect.

Any advice?

OWC/MacSales has this universal adapter for $30, but it doesn’t ship for 2 months. (But I don’t know how that works with its 15-40 day return policy, based on invoice date.)

Amazon direct sells a variety of Vantech adapters ($15-25) with 4.4 stars and 4700 ratings, and Amazon makes returns easy.