IDE Recommendations: Webstorm vs Visual Studio Code vs?

I am seeking thoughts on the pros and cons of Webstorm vs Visual Studio Code vs other IDEs.

My goal is to learn Javascript so that I can build small tools for personal use automating my workflow when working on the web. I am likely to integrate snippets of Javascript into Keyboard Maestro. I am not likely to do hardcore software development but would like to be able to master the ability to automate working with the web when doing research/reading.

Webstorm costs more but seems to be more capable out of the box specifically for Javascript. Visual Studio Code may not be tweaked as ideally for Javascript but has the potential to be used for other languages in the future if I expand my goals. Thoughts on which you prefer - or others which are better?

I like the JetBrains products. If you use their test versions, you don’t have to pay. That can be a good way to get to know their software.

I favor knowing both an IDE and a good editor, though, because you find yourself reaching for both depending on the complexity of the project and the length of free time you have to write something.


Thanks - is there a product that includes both editor and IDE (perhaps via plugin), or is there a separate Editor you recommend?

How about BBEdit for Javascript?

I use WebStorm for JavaScript and love it. I’m really used to their software because I also use Android Studio and PyCharm. The AI code completion in their apps is truly mind blowing. It learns your style of coding and the suggestions are scarily accurate at times!

I have heard good things about VisualStudio, but I’ve never seen any reason to learn another IDE.

If you’re in education, all the JetBrains apps are free as long as you have a .edu email address.

Visual Studio Code is very good. It’s now my preferred editor for coding. You can make it do whatever you want through extensions.

I have never used WebStorm, but did use PyCharm CE (also JetBrains) for a little while. It’s a good IDE used and loved by many. But less flexible than VSC imho. Also, VSC can be used for many languages, while the JetBrains tools are language specific, i.e. less of a learning curve if you start developing in multiple languages.

I wouldn’t recommend BBEdit (which I own too) for JS Development as it’s just not as flexible and powerful as the other two applications. BBEdit is most of all a very powerful text editor and less of a development tool/IDE. Given the fact that VSC is free, compared to $50 for BBEdit the choice seems easy.


If all you’re doing is JS, then VSC should work very well for you. Most of what you get via WebStorm is also available out of the box in VSC for JS development. I jump back and forth between PHPStorm and VSC for PHP work, and struggle to make VSC work as well as PHPStorm, but for JS / HTML / CSS, VSC is a superb, customizable IDE that I think would suit you very well.

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I’ve been very happy with Sublime Text plus plug-ins for text editor work. But if starting today I could see myself using Visual Studio Code to save $80.