iDOS 2 is about to be pulled from the AppStore. Get it while you can

I bought it. ($6.99 is a ridiculously low price for this kind of thing.)

Awesome. now install TurboC++ and start creating. :grinning:

I graduated from C++ years ago :stuck_out_tongue: “The C++ language combines all the power of assembly language with all the ease-of-use of assembly language and adds copy construtors.” (To misquote a quote attibuted to various people)


Moren gave it a good write up.

Random question - do you have a preferred Mac way to emulate DOS?

Both of these support M1


and just to be thorough, these also support the M1

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install TurboC++ and start creating

Last week I built iDOS 2 using Xcode and ran a program I created using Turbo Pascal more than a decade ago.

Weird to see that on an iPad…

since all the other emulators aren’t allowed in the App Store.

I was hoping I could run fMSX, an MSX emulator with a DOS port, in iDOS 2, to play MSX games on my iPad…

That (MSX) emulator did actually run in iDOS (an emulator itself), but unfortunately too slow to play games.

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To put it another way: C++ sucks.


I don’t know why this app exists, I can’t see any useful purpose for it, outside of being able to ssh to your Mac from your phone

Its a port of Alpine Linux. You can install external packages like neofetch. Some people like Linux. Some people like working in that environment. Some people don’t understand. :grinning:

It has its uses. For example, you can use it to implement an actually good language with :wink: (I’m actually glad that the language exists for those who need it, and equally glad that I’m not one of them)

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I know what it is, I participated in the TestFlight. I just don’t see the point. I think, if you like Linux, you’re better off with a Pi.

My Pi taped to my iPhone looks funny.


Honestly the ability to run youtube-dl and ffmpeg alone is worth the effort already.

It’s not about performance. It’s about extending the possibilities of ios/ipados.

In your logic, virtual machines are all useless.

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iSH isn’t a virtual machine. It’s an app, and as such it’s trapped inside a sandbox.

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